Electropneumatic positioner with FOUNDATION™ fieldbus communication



  • Challenging transit times
  • Challenging ambient conditions
  • Throttling service
  • Use of an external travel sensor


  • Linear actuator, single acting
  • Linear actuator, double acting
  • Rotary actuator, single acting
  • Rotary actuator, double acting


  • Without certification
  • Type of protection "Intrinsic safety"


  • FOUNDATION™ fieldbus


  • Fieldbus


  • With


  • With

Special features

  • Electropneumatic positioner with FOUNDATION™ fieldbus communication
  • Die-cast aluminum or stainless steel housing
  • Attachment to linear actuators according to IEC 60534-6, VDI/VDE 3847, or SAMSON integral attachment
  • Attachment to rotary actuators according to VDI/VDE 3845
  • Attachment to double-acting actuators with Type 3710 Reversing Amplifier
  • Integrated EXPERTplus diagnostics for control valves
  • Integrated function blocks: 1 PID Control (PID), 1 Analog Output (AO), 1 Multiple Analog Output (MAO), 1 Multiple Analog Input (MAI), 2 Discrete Outputs (DO), 2 Discrete Inputs (DI)
  • Link Master Capability
  • DO function blocks to start/execute diverse functions (e.g. start the data logger)
  • 2 DI function blocks to analyze binary input signals
  • Any desired mounting position of the positioner (but not suspended)
  • Simple one-knob, menu-driven operation
  • Automatic start-up
  • Easy-to-read display in any mounting position thanks to rotatable reading direction
  • Classified status messages according to NAMUR Recommendation NE 107
  • DTM file available for integration into FDT frame applications according to specification 1.2
  • Automatic zero monitoring
  • Calibrated travel sensor without gears susceptible to wear
  • All parameters saved in non-volatile EEPROM
  • Adjustable output pressure limitation
  • Adjustable tight-closing function
  • Binary input for DC voltage signals



  • Device compatible with paint
  • Additional equipment: inductive limit contact, solenoid valve, external position sensor, leakage sensor, binary input


  • WA 284

    Special Print: Control Valve Diagnostics in Safety-instrumented Systems
    A Comparison of Architectures
  • WA 316

    Special Print: Seat Leakage Detection
  • WA 333

    Special Print: Safety in the Process Industry
  • WA 335

    Special Print: Digitalization of Industrial Control Valves
  • WA 238

    Flyer: External position sensor for Types 3730-2, -3, -4, -5 and -6 Positioners
    Rugged and Reliable
  • WA 257

    Flyer: Reliable Shut-off Performance
    Increased safety through seat leakage monitoring
  • WA NA 122

    : Type 3730 & 3731 Series Positioner
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    Brochure: Positioners
    Atachment, Options, Explosion Protection, Operation, Diagnostics, Safety
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    Sonderdruck: Neue Asset-Management-Konzepte bei Stellventilen
    Diagnose von intelligenten Stellgeräten
    Dr.-Ing. Jörg Kiesbauer, Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Erben, Dipl.-Phys. Dirk Hoffmann
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    Sonderdruck: Integrationsservice weltweit
    Intelligente Aktorik ist wichtige Komponente der Leittechnik
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    Sonderdruck: Anbau von Stellungsreglern an pneumatische Antriebe
    Eine vergleichende Bewertung aus Herstellersicht
  • WA 353

    Sonderdruck: Wunschdenken oder Wirklichkeit?
  • AB 03

    Pressure Gauges with Pressure Compensation Element
  • AB 08

    Filter Check Valve
    Integrated into a screw-on body with G ¼ thread, degree of protection IP 56/66 or NEMA 4
  • AB 07

    Vent Plugs
  • T 8384-5

    Type 3730-5 Electropneumatic Positioner
    with FOUNDATION fieldbus communication
  • T 8389

    Types 3730-2, 3730-3, 3730-4, 3730-5 and Type 3731-3
    Electropneumatic Positioners
    EXPERTplus Valve Diagnostics
    Valid for firmware version 1.51 and higher
  • T 8350

    Information Sheet of Valve Accessories
    Positioners · Limit Switches · Solenoid Valves · Valve Accessories
    Selection and Application
  • T 6661

    TROVIS-VIEW software
    TROVIS 6661


  • KA 8384-5

    Types 3730-4/-5 i/p Positioners
  • EB 8384-5

    Type 3730-5 Electropneumatic Positioner
    With FOUNDATION™ fieldbus communication · FF Device Rev. 2
    Firmware version 1.5x
  • EB 8384-5

    Type 3730-5 Electropneumatic Positioner
    With FOUNDATION™ fieldbus communication · FF Device Rev. 3
    Firmware version 1.6x
  • EB 8384-5

    Type 3730-5 Electropneumatic Positioner
    With FOUNDATION fieldbus communication
    FF device rev. 1
    Firmware version K1.2x/R1.4x
  • EB 8389

    EXPERTplus Valve Diagnostics
    Types 3730-2, 3730-3, 3730-4 and 3730-5 as well as Types 3731-3 and 3731-5 Electropneumatic Positioners
    Firmware version 1.5x and 1.6x
  • EB 6661

    TROVIS-VIEW 4 Software
    TROVIS 6661
  • KH 8384-5

    Type 3730-5 Electropneumatic Positioner
    Communication: FOUNDATION™ fieldbus
    Firmware version K 3.0x
  • SH 8384-5

    Type 3730-5 Electropneumatic Positioner
    Communication: FOUNDATION™ fieldbus

DXF file from data sheet

  • R 0007

    Instructions on the Safe Handling of Pressure Compensation Elements (Diaphragms in Housings) Included in Pressure Gauges According to the REACH Regulation 1907/2006 and Related Requirements


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