Metallurgy and mining

Turning carbon dust into a fuel for the future

Suitable products for mining and ore extraction applications:

Mining provides a large proportion of the raw materials needed for modern technologies. SAMSON supplies the self-operated regulators and control valves required in deep mining to vent, cool, and drain shafts.

Our control valves also play an important role in the extraction of metals. Where mechanical separation processes no longer suffice, the metal is leached with the help of chemicals. To do so, ground ore is mixed with different liquids. Usually, the created slurries are highly abrasive and corrosive. Controlling them requires equipment that functions reliably even under the most adverse conditions and needs minimum maintenance.

This is where many SAMSON control valves are used. They not only withstand corrosive solutions and the strong abrasion, they are also resistant to the heavy vibration found at many places in the huge plants. In addition, the valves fulfil ecologically relevant control tasks in recovering and treating the water used. Innovative valve accessories, such as smart SAMSON positioners for integral attachment, ensure the safe exchange of data in the process and allow for predictive maintenance.

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