FOCUS-ON revolutionizes the process industry by integrating a flow meter and two temperature and pressure sensors into a control valve, supported by a powerful computing and communications architecture. The complete solution is seamlessly controlled locally or remotely via customized, easy-to-use software that enables fast and accurate control while providing deeper, richer and smarter insights into process data.

What's FOCUS-1?

The FOCUS-1 from FOCUS-ON is the first fully integrated multi-parameter flow control and measurement device in the process industry. Thanks to the innovative integration of the ultrasonic transducers into its control valve body, it can accurately measure the volumetric flow of liquids.


Cost saving modular
4 in 1 design

Saves Engineering, material, installation, and maintenance costs

Simpler and faster control

Control of flow based on direct measurement of flow, temperature, and pressure

Click, Connect, Communicate

Flexibility in connectivity options and ease in coupling ensures robust supply to device and efficient information back with user

FOCUS-ON is revolutionizing the Process Industry by innovating the FLOW.

An innovative approach to integrating flow control valves with flow, temperature and pressure sensors provides powerful insight into process and equipment performance. Powerful computing and advanced communication architecture allows the user to access information in real time, where it is needed. Modular software applications enable rapid customization to provide user-friendly and application-relevant control and asset performance functions.


  • All the features of the device can be accessed by a ‘One Touch Button’, which activates a Wi-Fi router with just one click.
  • An innovative flow control device made from the robust components that you are familiar from SAMSON and KROHNE
  • Flexible in connecting to the current plants (4/20 mA), but also provides additional communication routes to ensure that it fits into the plants of the future
  • Sensitively integrated thin-film Pressure and Temperature Sensors on inlet and outlet
  • Novel multi-reflection ultrasonic transducers for accurate flow measurements (on the inlet) that enables disruptive control possibility
  • Modular 4 in 1 design driving more savings in terms of reduced number of flanges and shorter inlet- and outlet- pipe run.
  • Smart design for clean cable management: The cables connecting the sensors to the electronic housing are tucked away in channels machined into the bonnet. The connection to the pneumatic air is also easily accessible.
  • The Advantages of Digital Twin Model:
    • Full redundancy of all sensors: No matter which sensor fails
    • In case of failure, replacement of the Measured Value by the Modelled Value generated out of the Digital Twin
    • Significantly increased continuity of the process
    • Efficient planned maintenance

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FOCUS-ON is built on the values and DNA of SAMSON and KROHNE. SAMSON, founded in 1907 in Mannheim, Germany, is a specialist in valves for the process industry. KROHNE, founded in 1921 in Duisburg, Germany, is a specialist in process instrumentation.

In 2017, the managing directors of both companies - Dr Andreas Widl and Mr. Stephan Neuburger - signed a contract for an ambitious collaboration. The result: FOCUS-ON

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