In 1983, SAMSON AG invested into the North American market by creating the very first subsidiary in Markham, Ontario Canada. This investment allowed SAMSON Controls Inc. to offer local support to the Canadian marketplace. The Canadian team offers their customers; pre-sales support, sales and after-sales support, projects, assembly and turn-key packaged solutions to help improve the Canadian manufacturer’s competitiveness.


As a subsidiary of SAMSON AG, Samson Controls, Inc., along with our sales and service partners, brings leading edge solutions into the Canadian process and automation market with a focus on reducing total cost of ownership through innovation and quality while operating with a customer-centric mentality.


SAMSON AG has always approached the global market with a concern for the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of having control valves in process. As such, this culture has been at the core of everything SAMSON Controls Inc., Canada has offered in the Canadian market. The Canadian team is always looking to partner with manufacturers that are looking at ways to lower the cost of owning and operating control valves. Working together, the Canadian team is conscience of the Capital Expenditure (CapEx) demands, and will consult with customers to demonstrate how you can realize increased operational efficiencies and reduced Operating Expenditure (OpEx) costs.


To provide the highest level of customer service while acting socially, ethically, environmentally, and economically just.

At SAMSON, innovation is tradition. Our company has always been at the forefront of the process and automation industry, propelled by our core values. Today and tomorrow, we continue to lead with forward-thinking ideas for Industry 4.0 and beyond.

Our customers are at the core of all our decisions. We offer the highest level of customer service, backed by our deeply engrained knowledge of the industry.

SAMSON product quality is more than our promise to our customers – it’s our identity.  We exhibit quality in every action we take, because we know customers demand it. Consistently delivering the highest quality leads to customer satisfaction.

By taking responsibility and being accountable for our actions and by collaborating with our global colleagues, we continuously improve processes to create efficiencies for the ultimate benefit our of customers.

Samson promotes health and safety within our Company, as well as externally to our sales and service partners and others we work with. We promote, also, the safety of SAMSON products.  We don’t compromise on the safety of our people or our customers.

People are the essence of our company. We invest in our people to support their personal and professional development while simultaneously creating a culture which supports trust, respect, ethics, integrity, collaboration, continuous improvement, and ownership.