Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Intelligent, comprehensive solutions

Our quality standards

The quality of our products is the key to achieving customer satisfaction and to ensuring the long-term existence of our company and our customers‘ operations.

Our equipment and processes are extremely reliable and comply with major standards and regulations – beyond the minimum requirements.

Our state-of-the-art valves meet FDA, EC 1935/2004, 3A, EHEDG, ASME BPE and USP requirements. As a result, we can guarantee the highest purity level for your process and also the highest quality level for your products.

Tailor-made solutions

We can count on our long experience in process automation and offer you solutions from a single source that are perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of your application.

Whether it‘s hygienic, aseptic or industrial service, our proven equipment and services support you throughout the entire production process.

Our valves are successfully used in many pharmaceutical applications, such as fermentation or the treatment of pharmaceutical water as well as when mixing, distributing, dosing and filling the finished product.

State-of-the-art process engineering

Our product range includes aseptic diaphragm and seat valves to handle process media in the main process. Additionally, we manufacture diaphragm, seat, angle-seated, ball, butterfly and rotary plug valves to supply the plant with the required process utilities.

Compact electric, pneumatic and hand-operated actuators made of different materials are available to meet the requirements that apply in pharmaceutical environments.

A wide range of valve accessories, such as positioners, transmitters, compact controllers, limit switches, solenoid valves, travel limiters and supply pressure regulators, rounds off our product range.

Supply of utilities

Our control valves make sure that production plants are supplied with the necessary process utilities, such as air, water, steam or refrigerants. Their high control accuracy optimizes processes and thus reduces the cost of operation.

Pharma water production

Treated water is the most important raw material in the market. The safety of pharmaceutical products depends on the quality of the water used. No matter if you need purified water, ultrapure water or water for injection: our valves keep it sterile.


CIP and SIP (Cleaning-in-Place and Sterilization-in-Place) ensure that the required levels of purity and sterility can be guaranteed, even without having to dismantle entire plant sections. Our aseptic seat and diaphragm valves made of stainless steel are suitable for handling high temperatures and corrosive CIP and SIP media, which reduces the need for maintenance.

Filtration and filling

Particularly in sterile filling processes, there must be absolutely no contamination after the product has been carefully filtrated. Our diaphragm valves with their minimized dead cavities and precise dosing capabilities support you in filling vials, syringes and bottles.


Numerous valves must be installed in a confined space for chromatography processes to run smoothly. The compact design and tailor-made setup of our multi-port valve blocks reduce installation dimensions, dead cavities, CIP/SIP cycle times and the cost of installation.


Preventing the process medium from contamination is key to fermentation processes. Our diaphragm valves with CDSA-style seals make sure of that. On top, they control with high accuracy. Sterile bottom drain valves and sampling units guarantee that the fermented product stays safe while being processed further

Suitable products for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications: