Industrial controller for panel mounting


  • Process automation (electric)


  • Temperature control
  • Pressure control
  • Flow control

Special features

  • Industrial controller for panel mounting
  • Suitable for control of continuous, on/off, or pulsing final control elements
  • Two independent internal controllers with common input and output sections
  • Simple menu structure with plain text readings
  • 4 analog inputs with filtering, Root extraction, Function generation and measuring range monitoring
  • 4 digital inputs for set point switchover, constant output value, reversal of operating action, output tracking (DDC backup), ramps, etc.
  • 3 analog outputs
  • 4 relay outputs for on/off or three-step outputs, or limit alarms
  • 2 transistor outputs for status messages
  • 1 transistor output for fault alarms
  • Fixed set point, follow-up, cascade, override, or mixing control adjustable
  • Linking of input variables (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, mean value, minimum and maximum selection) for feedforward control or control with 1 to 4 input variables
  • Operation with up to 4 internal set points and 1 external set point
  • Split-range operation
  • Control mode switchover P/PI or PD/PID
  • Operating point determined by set point or digital input
  • Control signal limitation (fixed or floating according to input variable)
  • Operation with code number or control key locking by binary input


  • TROVIS-VIEW Software (free of charge)
  • Infrared adapter
  • Bracket for infrared adapter
  • USB/RS-232 adapter
  • RS-485 to USB interface boards for SSP and Modbus RTU
  • RS-232 to USB interface boards for SSP and Modbus RTU
  • USB cable
  • Memory pen-64, modular adapter
  • Universal bus unit CoRe02 as RS-232/RS-485 converter or repeater (signal amplifier)
  • Modbus TCP gateway
  • Modbus GPRS gateway
  • Four-port bus hub for Modbus RTU
  • Surge arrester for RS-485 communication interface


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  • WA 185

    Flyer: Two In One
    TROVIS 6495-2 Industrial Controller
  • WA 246

    Sonderdruck: Zwei in Einem
    Sicher geregelt, einfach bedient
    Rainer Schwan
  • T 5409

    Communication components
    Field of application:
    TROVIS 5500, TROVIS 6400 and TROVIS 6600 Automation Systems
  • T 6495-2

    TROVIS 6495-2 Industrial Controller
    For panel mounting (front frame 96 x 96 mm/3.78 x 3.78 inch)
  • T 6000

    Information Sheet:
    System 6000
    Electropneumatic Converters (Proportional Valves)
    Electronic Process Controllers
    Signal Converters
  • T 6661

    TROVIS-VIEW software
    TROVIS 6661


  • EB 6495-2

    TROVIS 6495-2 Industrial Controller
    Firmware version 1.11 to 1.21
  • EB 6661

    TROVIS-VIEW 4 Software
    TROVIS 6661
  • KH 6495-2

    TROVIS 6495-2 Industrial Controller


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