Device information in SAM DISTRICT ENERGY by SAMSON

The business application

especially for the district heating and cooling sector

SAM DISTRICT ENERGY is a web-based solution for managing, operating and optimizing your heating systems. All key data on connected controllers, utility meters and electric actuators are saved at one central location. Any smart mobile device can be used to access SAM DISTRICT ENERGY.

Use SAM DISTRICT ENERGY on your mobile phone, tablet computer or notebook. 



Find out whether you can optimize and control your installed heating system over the Internet. Contact us. We will gladly assist you.

Device information at a glance

  • Status with error detection
  • Current firmware
  • Grouping of devices
  • Event logging
  • Access to the operating instructions

    Overview of the heating system

      • Plant schemes including temperature data
      • Pump status
      • Controller data listed in tables or schemes
      • Legend included in schemes
      • Event history since integration into SAM DISTRICT ENERGY

      Heating curves in graphs

      • Historical data traceability for end users and operators
      • Analysis of the actual plant state
      • Dynamic scaling along the timeline
      • Comparison view and functions of selected parameters
      • Export of graphs as csv or image files

        Remote start-up

        • Configuration of TROVIS 5500 Controllers over the Internet
        • Active transfer of settings to the device in real time
        • All controller settings are accessible


        Remote operation and control

        • Remote adjustment of day or night temperatures
        • Creating and adapting schedules
        • Changes of the operating mode from anywhere


        Logging of consumption data

        • Overview of utility meters in properties, branches or building stories
        • Adjustable data polling cycles
        • Clear visualization of hourly, daily or monthly consumption
        • Data available to optimize your energy supply or usage

        Locating function

        • Locating devices on the web interface
        • Map view
        • Status indication directly in the map view


        Route management

        • Layout of district heating routes
        • Selection of your specific integrated substations
        • Creation of virtual meters (summation of consumption values)

        With SAM DISTRICT ENERGY, it is not possible to perform time-critical or safety-related control operations.

        SAM DISTRICT ENERGY can be used to control user consumption but not generator load.

        Plant schemes in SAM DISTRICT ENERGY by SAMSON

        SAM DISTRICT ENERGY provides you with a complete overview of your end users' systems and heating installations. It allows you to enhance your services and respond more quickly to end user demands.

        The enhanced efficiency optimizes business processes, enabling you to provide your end users with a better customer service.

        Integrated functions provide make it possible for you to optimize the distribution and supply of your (heating) resources. The hardware map gives an overview of properties and branch distribution.

        Analysis in SAM DISTRICT ENERGY by SAMSON

        Using Ethernet

        The SAM HOME GATEWAY provides users with a wired connection to SAM DISTRICT ENERGY. All smart TROVIS 5500 Heating Controllers and other Modbus RTU devices can be connected using their RS-232/RS-485 interfaces and TTL ports. You only need to connect the Ethernet interface (LAN) of the gateway to your Internet router.

        Modbus communication at the integrated RS-485 interface of all controllers in the bus line enables them to be connected, monitored and operated in SAM DISTRICT ENERGY using a gateway.

        • Start-up completed in just a few minutes
        • Remote polling of controllers, utility meters and other final control elements
        • No configuration on home routers necessary

        Using mobile phone networks

        The SAM MOBILE GATEWAY provides users with a wireless connection to SAM DISTRICT ENERGY. All smart TROVIS 5500 Heating Controllers and other Modbus RTU devices can be connected at their RS-232/RS-485 interfaces and TTL port. Binary and analog inputs and outputs can be used to connect further peripheral equipment.

        This is a smart solution to connect heating systems to SAM DISTRICT ENERGY. The hardware to integrate the controllers and meters into the network as well as the SIM card (M2M) is included in the scope of delivery.

        • Remote polling of controllers, utility meters and other peripheral equipment through a secure tunnel
        • Floating relay output as a remote switch
        • Historical data buffering in the device in the event of a communication failure to SAM DISTRICT ENERGY

        Using SAM LAN

        SAM LAN gateways enable users to set up a meshed wireless network to connect (heating) controllers and utility meters. Special radio frequency bands are used for data communication to perform remote polling and operation of heating systems. Consequently, you are not tied to wired data lines.

        SAM-LAN Network Planner

        The free software allows you to plan and simulate potential wireless networks and the corresponding properties beforehand.

        Historical data reading in SAM DISTRICT ENERGY by SAMSON

        Single-user access

        Register to test the freely accessible demonstration system and discover the advantages of SAM DISTRICT ENERGY.

        Demo account

        Password: SAMSON#1

        Company account

        The company account opens up unprecedented opportunities for you and your end users. SAM DISTRICT ENERGY provides you with an overview of your end users' controllers and heating systems. It allows you to enhance your customer support and service performance as well as plan and act proactively.

        Your benefits

        • Secondary use as OEM
        • User administration with unlimited number of administrator and user accounts

        Registration and connection in a few steps:


        Create your own account


        Sign onto SAM DISTRICT ENERGY


        Install the communication module

        Online connection

        Register the hardware


        Access your heating systems from anywhere