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The business application for intelligent diagnosis of valve statuses

SAM VALVE MANAGEMENT is a web-based solution for the smart monitoring and management of control valves installed in process plants. It provides a complete overview of all connected control valves fitted with smart SAMSON positioners, a clearly structured dashboard displaying all relevant operating and diagnostic parameters, immediate detection of malfunctions and algorithm-based predictive maintenance.

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Critical situations and valve states requiring an immediate operator response can occur while control valves are operated in chemical plants.

SAMSON was involved in the development of process automation in the chemical industry right from the start. Many of our valve series are still developed in close cooperation with leading chemical companies. The resulting products define the industry benchmark in many applications.

Innovative valve accessories, such as positioners, solenoid valves, boosters, pneumatic lock-up valves and limit switches, round off SAMSON's product range.

Smart instruments including communication-enabled positioners in combination with SAM VALVE MANAGEMENT allow for efficient asset management and predictive maintenance.

Data analysis

Data analysis offers efficient monitoring of all relevant diagnostic data, including automatic and manual analysis of data. Asset- and plant-related reporting as well as the visualization of valve operating modes including histograms and trend graphs are functions that the data analysis also offers.


SAM VALVE MANAGEMENT provides a complete overview of all SAMSON valves with mapping of existing asset structures. Clear dashboards for the entire plant & single tags are also available. Geodata for all integrated valves is also included.

Optimized costing

The application aims to optimize profitability and plant availability, preventing unplanned plant downtimes and supporting maintenance work. The individual business processes are also optimized.

Data management

SAM VALVE MANAGEMENT allows you to view operating states and offers built-in file management to save valve-related information. It also has a note function to add customized information and an export function. With 24/7 location-independent access, users can access the application anytime and anywhere.

Predictive maintenance

SAM VALVE MANAGEMENT enables efficient, proactive maintenance planning to prevent costly unplanned plant downtime. It offers extended diagnostic functions such as work identification of the valve’s working range, clear diagnostic notifications with recommendations for action. Further support is offered by contacting SAMSON's after-sales service.


German computing centers certified to ISO 27001 guarantee the highest security standards. EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is complied and certificate-based (SSL/TLS) encryption  secures data transmissions. Regular security updates are a matter of course. With a 100% web-based service structure, we offer maximum access protection and the option of logging in with two-factor authentication.

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SAM VALVE MANAGEMENT analyzes the data with the support of an extensive range of algorithms. The rule-based data analytics developed by SAMSON are the basis for the support provided by the web-based solution.

  • Status regarding for each asset classified according to NAMUR and the SAMSON valve state (a combination of the condensed state generated by the positioner and the advanced analysis of the diagnostics data)
  • Asset-specific diagnosis with recommended action
  • Recommended action with illustrated step-by-step guide
  • Historical trend of the asset-specific state assessment
  • Further information including end position, leakage and working range
  • Continuous upgrade of diagnostic functions and recommended action

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