The business application

especially for smart monitoring of tank filling levels

SAM TANK MANAGEMENT is a web-based application specifically developed for monitoring the filling levels of liquids, gases and vapors stored in stationary or truck-mounted pressure vessels. Any smart mobile device can be used to access SAM TANK MANAGEMENT.

Use SAM TANK MANAGEMENT on your mobile phone, tablet or notebook computer.

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Device information at a glance

  • Real-time monitoring of all connected devices
  • Immediate notification in the event of device malfunctions by plain-text message with device status information
  • Complete device identification
  • Event logging
  • Read access to documents and master data


Tank information at a glance

    • Monitoring of maximum filling
    • Monitoring of pressures
    • Analysis of vacuum insulation
    • Monitoring of plant conditions
    • Avoidance of unnecessary cost incurred due to empty tanks
    • Customized analysis report
    • Analysis of tank farm sizing


    Availability and analysis of data

      • Efficient communication and data logging
      • Availability of data in all relevant systems
      • Around-the-clock availability
      • Big data analyses and optimization features
      • Universal interfaces and data exchange using MQTT

      Remote start-up

      • Configuration of Media differential pressure meters over the Internet
      • Active transfer of settings to the device in real time
      • All configuration functions of the differential pressure meters can be accessed


      Remote operation and control

      • Remote setting of parameters, such as differential pressure limits and permissible filling limit
      • Unrestricted access to the medium database saved in the Media 7 meter


      Locating function

      • Locating devices on the web interface
      • Map view
      • Status indication directly in the map view


      With  SAM TANK MANAGEMENT, it is not possible to directly influence the generator load.

      Cryogenic gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen or argon, are used for a wide variety of applications and processes in industry, research, medical science and catering. The gases are liquefied by cooling them down to temperatures as low as –196 °C to separate them into their primary gas elements. The considerably lower volume achieved by liquefying the gases makes them easier to transport and store.

      Situations requiring an immediate response can occur in tank farms, for example when the filling level is too low, the tank overflows, the operating pressure is too high or too low, or when the vaporizer is overloaded. Immediate notifications that such parameters are outside their permissible ranges make it easier to remedy faults early on. In addition, safe operation is ensured and logistics are optimized.

      Using mobile phone networks

      The Media 7 Differential Pressure Meter and the SAM Connect gateway are suitable for wireless connection to SAM TANK MANAGEMENT. This ensures safe data exchange all across the world, polling of states, monitoring of limits and operation of Media devices.

      Additionally, the Media 7 Differential Pressure Meter and the SAM Connect gateway function as a hub, which can connect up to four Media devices to SAM TANK MANAGEMENT and as a result, monitor several tank farms at the same time.

      Registration and connection in a few steps:


      Create your own account




      Install Media 7 or the SAM Connect gateway

      Online connection

      Register the hardware


      Access your heating systems from anywhere