3430 - temperature (Pt 100)

Pneumatic indicating controller for temperature for Pt 100 resistance thermometer


  • Process automation (pneumatic)


  • Temperature control

Special features

  • Pneumatic indicating controller for temperature for Pt 100 resistance thermometer
  • The controller measures the medium temperature directly, indicates the operating value, compares the measured value to the set point, and produces a pneumatic control signal of 0.2 to 1 bar (3 to 15 psi)
  • Supply pressure 1.4 bar (20 psi)
  • Suitable for liquids, gases, and vapors, measuring ranges from -30 to 400 °C
  • Consists of controller station, controller module with the desired control mode, and transmitter module for connection to a Pt 100 resistance thermometer to match the temperature set point
  • Set point, actual value, system deviation, and signal pressure easy to read
  • Adjusters for set point, positioning value, and manual/automatic switchover can be operated at the front
  • Housing for wall, pipe, or panel mounting


  • Accessories for wall, pipe, or panel mounting


  • Controller stations for fixed set point control, follow-up control, or fixed set point/follow-up control
  • Controller modules for P, PI, PID, or PD control
  • Internal Type 3708 Supply Pressure Regulator for supply pressures from 2.0 to 12 bar (30 to 180 psi)
  • Lockable, transparent door made of plastic
  • Type 6112 i/p Converter Module for external set point
  • One or two adjustable inductive limit contacts


  • T 7040

    Type 3433 Pneumatic Controller Module
  • T 7041

    Type 3434 Pneumatic Controller Module
  • T 7045

    Type 6112 i/p Converter Module
  • T 7030

    Anzeigende pneumatische Messwerkregler Typ 3430


  • EB 7030

    Type 3430 Pneumatic Indicating Controllers

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